Schiavo Autopsy Report NOT CUT AND DRY

It isn't that cut and dry. There are almost 39 pages to the whole report and I read almost 1/3 of it. There are many unanswered questions even in the report. Until you have read the whole report don't regurgitate what the liberal media says.

A few quotes from the report.

"Neuropathologic examination alone of the decedent's brain - or any brain, for that matter - cannot prove or disprove a diagnosis of persistent vegetative state or minimally conscious state."

"Mrs. Schiavo suffered a severe anoxic brain injury. The cause which cannot be determined with reasonable certainty. The manner of death will therefore be certified as undetermined."

"d. Was she strangled?

Autopsy examination of her neck structures 15 years after her initial collapse did not detect any signs of remote trauma, but ,with such a delay, the exam was unlikely to show any residual neck findings. Even bony anomalies would have likely resolved." Think of the Children

Think of the Children

Think of the Children

"The left fifth toe is amputated"

Regarding the size of her brain, the term used in the report is "atrophy" . This is the same thing that would happen to your legs if you never got out of your chair for 15 years. Schiavo was kept in a room with little stimulus for a good portion of the last 15 years of her life. FACT: Infants which are deprived of mental stimulus during their first 18 months develop mental retardation (or liberals that don't think for themselves).



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